Komatsuzaki Group


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1 2019/8/4-9
The 1st International Training Course for Singularity Biology


ComplexityWkshp,june'15 2015/6/14
Telluride workshop 2015


6 2014/9
HFSP Cologne
1 2014/9/1
Joint seminar with Taketsugu labo and Hasegawa labo
O 2014/8
Summer school in Niseko
7 2014/6
3 2014/5/19-23
Les Houches TSRC workshop
4 2014/4/8
Welcome party for Satoru and Yuji
7 2014/3/19
Farewell party for Tahmina
7 2014/3/10
Lyon and Bordeaux


3 2013/12/11
The 14th RIES-HOKUDAI International Symposium “網” (mou)
3 2013/9/5
Joint seminar with Taketsugu labo and Hasegawa labo
17 2013/7/8
HFSP2013 Strasbourg
1 2013/6/17-28
Telluride to Stony Brooks
11 2013/6/8
Open house
6 2013/6/7
5 2013/5
Bonn C Shoen
2 2013/4/11
Welcome party for Risa and Sou
4 2013/2/15
Presentation of master thesis of Chiba-kun


011 2012/12/16
End-Year-Party in Idea Seminar
2011_08090065 2012/8/9
Telluride Workshop on Exploring energy landscapes, from single molecules to mesoscopic models
2011_06250074 2012/6/25
Telluride Workshop on Complexity of Kinetics and Dynamics in Many Dimension: Group Hiking
2011_06250054_1 2012/6/16
Joint Seminar & BBQ party with Prof. Taketsugu laboratory
073 2012/6/2
Laboratory BBQ party
008_1 2012/3/13
Group Hiking with Prof. John Straub


188 2011/11/11
Cake Party in Laboratory
2011_04300004 2011/4/11
Wecome party of Chiba-kun and Kikuchi-kun with an invited talk of Dr. Kamagata
2011_04040199 2011/4/1
Shinnosuke’s PCCP award and his appointment as project assistant professor
2011_04040018 2011/3/4
Fusion Bioscience International Symposium, Hokkaido University 2011 March 4
2011_02240049 2011/2
First HFSP meeting in Princeton 2011 Feb


winner of ping pong game 2010
The winners of the ping-pong tournament of RIES
2010_10300005 2010/10/28
Welcome and Farewell party of Zhou and Mesfin
2010_10110071 2010/10/2
Grape and Whiskey Tour of Institute
2011_06250054 2010/9/12
Joint Seminar & BBQ party with Prof. Taketsugu laboratory
009 2010/7/8
Celebration of the new appointment of Noji-san in Univ. of Tokyo
DSC_0422_2 2010/6/5
RIES Open House
2010_07020146 2010/5
Tahmina’s new born baby at her house
P1020113 2010/3/24
At International Symposium of Joint Research Network on Advanced Materials and Devices “Chou”, With Prof. Osamu Shimomura
2010_0211Ski0081 2010/2/11
Ski Tour with Nagai-group and Noji-group


2009_1204Henning0002 2009/12/4
With Profs. Henning Mootz and Kerstin Blank
PartyTahmina2 2009/11
We had the welcome party for Ms.Tahmina Sultana from Bangradish on Nov XX 2009
2009_0823Welcoming_Mesfin0047 2009/8/23
Welcome party for Mesfin
summerschool_emergence 2009/8/7-10
Summer School of Emergence in Toyama
2009_0721LaboratoryBBQ0036 2009/7/21
Laboratory BBQ party and Bowling
2009_0704Telluride0011 2009/6/29-7/3
Telluride Workshop “Complexity of Dynamics and Kinetics in Many Dimensions”
IMG_3761 2009/4/10
Welcome party of Miyagawa-kun, Sakurai-kun, Kitamura-kun, Dr. Awasthi
P1040236 2009/2/16-3/1
Meetings in Belgium, Lyon
IMG_3609 2009/2/6
A laboratory tour in Snow Festival in Sapporo


P1030889 2008/12/9 ・13
At the last evening of Institute for Protein Research Seminar on Dec 9 2008/At Hohei-kyo hotspring in Sapporo with Jianshu and Irina on Dec 13
P1030770 2008/9/15
Group Picnic on Sep 15
Telluride Workshop “Characterzing Landscapes: From Biomolecules to Cellular Networks”
P1030498 2008/6/28-7/5
Boston University and National Institute of Health
P1030424 2008/4/22-24
1st Annual Protein and Peptide Conference, BIT’s 4th Life Spring Forum, Shenzhen
IMG_2252 2008/3/29-30
A laboratory ski tour in Sapporo Kokusai
7t 2008/3/8-9
The JST/CREST meeting in Hiroshima
p1020640 2008/2/24-29
The international minisymposium “Dynamical Foundation on Protein Fuctions”(Nara Women’s Univ.)
IMG_8106 2008/2/20-22
The second workshop “Renaissance of Dynamical Systems”(Nara Women’s Univ.)
IMG_1966 2008/2/7
A laboratory tour in Snow Festival in Sapporo
2 2008/1/22
The doubles team, Dr. Chun Biu Li and Ms. Kayo Abe, at the elimination tournament of badminton in Hokkaido University
p5 2008/1/12-14
A laboratory ski tour in Niseko


P1020851 2007/9/29
The last date of the movement from Kobe to Hokkaido
P1020672 2007/8/13-24
Telluride Summer Workshop “The Complexity of Dynamics and Kinetics in Many Dimensions” organized by Tamiki Komatsuzaki, Mikito Toda and R. Stephen Berry
P1020333 2007/6/6-11
The 3rd SHANGHAI International Symposium on Nonlinear Sciences and Applications, Shanghai, China
DSCN0763 2007/4/2-6
Telluride Spring Workshop “Energy Landscapes: Negotiating the Black Diamonds, Telluride, CO, USA


DSCN0508 2006/11/25-30
visit of Professor Karl-Heinz Hoffmann, Institut fur Physik, TU Chemnitz, Germany
P1010854 2006/8
UC Berkeley, August, 2006
DSC04918 2006/7
Several group photos for SIAM magazine
P1010733 2006/5/14-6/3
Visit of Prof. Haw Yang


p1010222 2005/11/26-28
2nd JSPS-NSF cooperation project meeting at Onuma
p1010065 2005/10/16-22
Workshop on “Critical stability of few-body quantum systems”, the Max-Planck-Institut fur Physik Komplexer Systeme (Dresden, Germany)
PICT0346 2005/9/2
With Thomas, Mikito and Shinnosuke
P1000520 2005/7/24-8/6
Telluride Summer Workshop “Energy Landscapes: Dynamics and Optimization”
Telluride20050055_1 2005/7/19-25
California Institute of Technology
P1000224_1 2005/4/27-28
With Prof. Keiji Morokuma


10300001_1 2004/11/3
SPS-NSF Joint Cooperation Program on Dynamical Foundation of Functions in Protein Systems Univ. of Chicago
FH00015_1 2004/10/17
Climbing Moutain in Kobe with Roy Johnston from Univ. of Birmingham
09140012 2004/9/12-18
Climbing Moutain in Kobe with Holger Waalkens and Andy Burbanks from Univ. of Bristol
09070002 2004/9/6-8
CECAM Workshop on Energy Localization: From Small Polyatomic Molecules to Large Biomolecules (Lyon, France)


10290007 2003/10/26-11/1
JSPS-NSF INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM on Geometrical Structures of Phase Space in Multi-Dimensional Chaos: Applications to Chemical Reaction Dynamics in Complex Systems, YITP, Kyoto,
10250002_1 2003/10/20-25
SYMPOSIUM ON Geometry of Phase Space in Multi-Dimensional Complex Systems: Reconstruction from Time Series & Characterization of the Complexity
aspen 2003/8/4-22
Aspen Center for Physics Working Group, Aspen, Colorado USA
photo01_big 2003/8/6-10
43th Summer School on Molecular Science for Young Scientists
07290001 2003/7/27-8/3
Telluride Summer Workshop “Energy Landscapes and Dynamics”
07190001 2003/7/20-27
Telluride Summer Workshop “Energy Landscapes: Structure, Dynamics and Optimization Algorithms”