Komatsuzaki Group

JSPS-NSF INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM on Geometrical Structures of Phase Space in Multi-Dimensional Chaos: Applications to Chemical Reaction Dynamics in Complex Systems, YITP, Kyoto,

organized by Mikito Toda(Nara Women’s Univ.),Tamiki Komatsuzaki (Kobe Univ.), Tetsuro Konishi (Nagoya Univ.), R. Stephen Berry (Univ. of Chicago), Stuart A. Rice (Univ. of Chicago) October 26-November 1, 2003 Kyoto Univ. Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics

rescanned by Tetsuro from the photo negatives taken by Masanori

Talks on Oct 26

Welcome Party on Oct 26

Talks on Oct 27

Poster Session on Oct 27

Talks on Oct 28&29

Excursion & Banquet on Oct 29

Talks on Oct 30 & 31

Talks on Nov 1 & Poster Award Ceremony

The others….

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