Komatsuzaki Group, Hokkaido University


You are very welcome to join in our group as foreign graduate students or postdoctoral research fellows or to simply visit us in a short term for discussions or collaborations. For persons being interested in joining us as a graduate student, please visit the International Student Center, Hokkaido University about the entrance examination, scholarships including international student assistance fund, accommodation etc.
The “Advanced Graduate School of Chemistry and Materials Science (AGS)” is widely open to excellent foreign graduate students, who hope to take the degree of Ph. D in Japan, from the top-level universities in various countries, especially in Asia. Main language used in the program is English, for convenience of foreign students. In this program, the students will learn the advanced research areas especially related to chemistry and material science at the world highest level, on which we are focusing. See more in detailed description at the following web site:

For persons being interested in joining us as a postdoctoral research fellow, you are encouraged to check a possibility to apply the funding resource for The JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers to be opened every year (see